Monday, July 09, 2007

Farewell to the Stanley Pup

At last year's Bearded Collie Club of Canada's National Specialty, Dinah was awarded the Jande Trophy (which we immediately christened "The Stanley Pup") for having won Best Puppy in Show. We were allowed to keep the trophy for a year, and had to get Dinah's name and the date engraved on it before sending it back to the club in time for this year's show.

Well, the Stanley Pup is now making its way to British Columbia. We had to take a few pictures of it before packing it and taking it to UPS.

Now that Dinah is no longer eligible to compete in the Puppy class, she can't win that trophy again -- but she is now part of its history. She won't be competing in this year's show, but she'll definitely be there in 2008. Maybe we'll get to bring another piece of history home then.

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