Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling the Virtual Love

MB-F Virtual Dog Show, 7/14-16
1/W/BOB/Group 3

Just for chuckles, I entered the MB-F Virtual Dog Show last year, and was pleased when The Lovely One received a nice JPG certificate for Best Opposite. If I recall correctly, she beat 2 or 3 other class bitches, and the lone dog won BOB.

Of course, the minute MB-F announced this year's virtual show, I was ready to enter. I uploaded some new photos, reused an old favorite (the BOW photo from last year's Goshen show), and crossed my fingers.

On Monday, I received a barrage of InfoDog Winner emails: First in Open, then Winners, and finally Best of Breed. (The competition was two class bitches and one bitch special. There were no boys this year.)

Even though it's just a "pretend" show, I was still pleased. I was about to say that we haven't been feeling the love in the real shows this year, but then I remembered: Dinah's only been in three AKC shows this year. In two of them, she went BOS and would have had a major in one of them if everyone had shown up. I guess we're feeling at least some love -- just not enough to finish.

I sent off a copy of the BOB certificate (which Blogger keeps refusing to let me upload, or I'd show it to you here) to Kathy, to Dinah's breeder Gill, and to Jana, who owns Dinah's litter sister Buffy. They were appropriately pleased, even though we don't get any real-world glory for it.

Then, this morning, I opened up my inbox to find this:

This pleased me quite a bit. The Rough Collie and Aussie who placed ahead of Dinah in Group both had outstanding photos; I'd have picked them, too. The Group Fourth was the Canaan Dog, for those of you keeping score.

Naturally, I shipped that photo off to Kathy, Gill, and Jana right away. After that, I thought I'd check out the photos of the other group winners. I noticed a little icon just below Dinah's picture in the Group Results window. I clicked on it, and up popped this:

This appears to be a quality dog with a correct coat, however there is so much that a judge cannot do in this sort of competition. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that this dog has or will win big.

That, to me, was the nicest surprise of all. Dinah's was the only picture in the Herding Group that contained a judge's note, so it's nice that the judge took the time to comment. This one's a keeper, too!

The Virtual Dog Show is still in progress, by the way, and you may log in to vote for the dogs in the "fun" categories. I had hoped that my friend Patti would enter Clem and Cooper, but the "fun" show has no Beardies. Go and see the other breeds, though, and vote for your favorites!

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