Saturday, November 29, 2008

Newbies on the Road (Again)

You might remember that last year at this time, the PR firm for the Bay Colony Dog Show invited me to come down to the show for a day and blog about it. Julie, owner of the firm, put up lots of links to my blog post and invited me back to do the same honors for this year.

This year's shows run Thursday, December 4 through Sunday, December 7. Monica Collins, the Dog Lady of Ask Dog Lady fame, is the MC for the Rescue Parade on Saturday. I'll be holding the mike for Sunday's parade. Kind of a bummer that Monica and I won't be in Ring 2 together, but we're hoping people will have a good time. Bless Julie's heart -- she mentioned that we'd be on hand to meet fans! Now all I have to do is get some (grin).

A brief but thankful shout-out goes to Holly Sherburne of Downeast Dog News for including a blurb in the December issue!

If I understand correctly, the Bay Colony Shows will be leaving Boston after this year -- at least for a while -- until renovations to the Bayside Expo Center are completed. According to Julie, next year's shows will take place at the Rhode Island Convention Center on December 3-6, less than an hour from Boston (and less than 15 minutes from my home town) and with indoor parking. I had heard rumors for the past year that the shows were headed to West Springfield and the Big E, but they're staying in the east. Good news! Not that we don't have some recent good memories of the Big E, but folks from the Boston area can still conveniently drop by the shows.

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