Thursday, September 03, 2009

New AKC Grand Champion Title Proposed

This has been making the rounds of the email lists. Someone took a lot of trouble to type it in, possibly from the AKC Gazette. Thanks to whomever took the trouble.

Sure, we know that it's another way to increase AKC's bottom line by encouraging people with finished champions to get back in there and try for the next title -- but at least this decision gives you something for your money. As for us, it was freakin' hard enough to get two majors the first time around.

From the August AKC Board minutes:

Grand Championship Proposal

There was a motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Dr. Davies, and it was VOTED (unanimously) to approve a new advanced conformation title to be called Grand Championship. The specifics of the Grand Championship, which is intended to provide additional venues for exhibitors and to encourage entries, are:

All Champions of record that are eligible to be entered in Best of Breed competition, are automatically entered in competition for points toward the "Grand Champion" title when they are entered in the Best of Breed class at a dog show. There are no additional entry fees or cost to exhibitors for participation in this competition at AKC events.

Dogs and bitches that have earned their Championship and are moved up to Best of Breed class would be eligible to compete on the day.

Any exhibits found to be ineligible for "Grand Champion" points would have those points disallowed administratively by the AKC. If Best of Breed is found to be ineligible, all Grand Champion points awarded will be administratively disallowed for Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch.

Winners Dog, Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, or non-regular class winners, are not eligible to compete for "Grand Champion" points.

All eligible exhibits entered in the Best of Breed class will compete and judging will be concurrent with traditional Best of Breed judging.

The judge will award Best of Breed, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch. Judges may withhold any awards at their discretion.

For eligible Champions, the Best of Breed (BOB), Best of Opposite Sex (BOS), Select Dog (SD) and Select Bitch (SB) winners can acquire points toward the "Grand Champion" title. A maximum of four dogs may be awarded "Grand Championship" points.

The existing schedule of points and divisions will be used to calculate "Grand Champion" points. "Grand Championship" points will be awarded based on the number of eligible entries exhibited. All class exhibits and champions in breed or variety competition present will be counted to compute "Grand Champion" points.

"Grand Championship" entries will not affect the annual computation schedule of points assigned to each Points Division.

Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog and Select Bitch can earn "Grand Champion" points at AKC All Breed, Limited Breed, or Specialty events.

There will be no "Grand Champion" points awarded when all competing Champions of Record or move-up dogs are defeated by a class dog or bitch receiving the Best of Breed award.

If the Best of Opposite Sex winner is the Winners Dog or The Winners Bitch, neither the Best of Opposite Sex nor the Select award for that sex will be eligible for "Grand Champion" awards.

Best of Breed winner will receive the highest number of "Grand Champion" points available regardless of sex. Best of Breed "Grand Champion" points are based on the total number of dogs and bitches competing in the breed or variety using the point schedule for the individual dog's sex.

Best of Opposite Sex winner will receive Grand Championship points based on the total number of dogs defeated of the same sex. The Select Dog and Select Bitch will receive points based on the total numbers of dogs defeated of the same sex. Best of Breed or the Best of Opposite Sex will not be included in this computation.

Best of Opposite Sex point computations may be equal to the Best of Breed winner but in no case will they exceed "Grand Championship" points awarded to Best of Breed.

"Grand Champion" ribbons will be provided to all eligible Best of Breed, Best of Opposite Sex, Select Dog, Select Bitch winners.

Once an eligible dog or bitch has accumulated 25 "Grand Champion" points with three majors under three different judges and at least one point under a fourth judge, it may be designated "Grand Champion" and receive an AKC enhanced certificate indicating they have completed the necessary requirements for the title.

"Grand Champion" title holders will continue to accumulate points towards the "Grand Champion Ranking System" after completion of title (Top 25, 50 or 100 by Breed, and Group).

Any dog who completes its Grand Champion title will receive an invitation to the AKC/Eukanuba National Championship.


lindsayt said...

Ahhh! It's too confusing already and it keeps getting worse! How is a beginner supposed to have any fun?

Pai said...

This sounds really redundant... what's the point of GCH? I don't understand the point of having another rank.

Anonymous said...

As a dog show veteran, I think it's a great idea. There are some outstanding dogs out there that never get seen because they have already attained the Champion designation and their owners have no interest in breed points as they don't intent to breed, or offer at stud. They simply stop showing that animal. We showed our champion Afghan Hound for less than six months because he finished quickly. He hasn't been at a show since and he's five years old.

blogdog said...

You're one of the lucky ones. My bitch was "pointed out" early on, but we went through 2+ years of broken majors and agony before finally getting to finish her with 25 points. I just can't see going through that again, with the same dog or a different one.

I will allow that GRCH points are easier to get. Dinah got her "majors" by going BOS both days at a specialty. Will I keep showing her to attain the magical 25? Not sure. If it happens, it happens. I am not planning to chase it the way I did her regular CH.

Weimmom said...

I am also a Dog Show newbie and so glad I found your blog. This weekend my dog, Win'Weim's My Bet's On Tebow, got 2 points towards his Grand Championship. I think this is a great program because Tebow is only 19 months old. He needs to mature to be a serious contender in BOB so this program keeps his "head in the game" so to speak. Plus another title will be nice, too!

blogdog said...

Congratulations on Tebow's success! He'll get better as he gets older. Dinah is 4 now, and she just keeps getting better, too! We don't have any plans to special her, but we do show her at regional and national specialties -- plus there's that last Canadian point.

Weimmom said...

Thank you for the words of encouragement. We're off to the Oklahoma City Classic then to the Dallas show. Again, I'm delighted to have found your blog!
Best wishes to you and Dinah.

blogdog said...

Best of luck at OKC -- and please post brags when you get back!! Go Tebow!!!