Friday, November 18, 2011

Giveaway: Two Free Tickets to the Bay Colony Dog Shows and Canine Pet Expo

Quick Reminder: Entries for the Bay Colony Dog Show cluster will close on Wednesday, November 23. MB-F is the super. Show dates are Thursday, December 8 through Sunday, December 11.

The Bay Colony Dog Show cluster and Canine Pet Expo, sponsored by Purina, is the show with which I have the longest relationship, while never actually having exhibited there. Thanks to my friend Julie at DennehyPR, I've enjoyed at least a few minutes of fame at the shows, first as a blogger-on-the-ground, and then as one of the guest emcees for the Rescue Parade.

Since then, the cluster has migrated south from Boston to Providence, and it now takes place at the RI Convention Center. The Convention center is close by the Amtrak train station, and not too terribly far from Route 95.

The Canine Pet Expo portion of the event includes loads of family-friendly events and demonstrations, including a "Meet the Breeds" event, a dog trainer with answers to your dog-training questions, demos in agility, K-9 Nosework, and Disc Dogs, and exhibits by various breed rescues and other non-profits (including New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue (NEOESR) and Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog, dedicated to purchasing bulletproof vests and equipment for K-9 police officers). Demos run between 10 AM and 3 PM on the weekend days.

This event is also famous for the sheer number and variety of vendors — everything from dog foods and supplements to clothing and gift items to outdoor equipment and home & garden items. The shopping is simply awesome — I know I've left a goodly portion of my wallet's contents there in past years, and quite a few folks I know do much of their holiday shopping there. This year, the show is expecting 40-odd vendors of all kinds. Check the website after Thanksgiving to see who's coming and where they'll be. (It never hurts to go to the shopping area with a plan in hand.) Wear comfortable shoes and bring a backpack or good-sized shopping bag... just in case. You do at least want to bring your dog home something, right?

Tickets are $10 for adults and seniors, and free for children under $12. The Bay Colony Dog Show website has downloadable, printable $1 off coupons. Parking is indoors and adjacent to the Convention Center. Single day tickets are $10, but four-day parking passes are available.

The event's website is a wealth of information on what to see and when, directions, parking, times for the events and demos, and so on. Judging programs, listing the ring times and ring numbers for each breed in the show, won't be available until probably a week after the show closes. You can either visit to get a judging program for each day of the show, or pick one up when you get to the show. The clubs will be selling show catalogs there, too.

Things to See and Do

Here are some things that spectators should plan to do at the show:
  • Stop by the superintendent's table for a judging program, if you want to watch the show.
  • Stop by the AKC booth for coloring books for the kids and lots of helpful information for the pet dog owner.
  • Visit the Purina booth. They're the shows' sponsor, and they might have goodies available for attendees.
  • Make sure to visit the NEOESR booth. Ask for Denver!

Want to Go For Free?

I have a pair of show passes to give away! Each pass is good for one adult admission for any day of the show (December 8-11), and they've come stapled to a flyer with another $1 off coupon on it. All you have to do to enter the drawing is to follow these Wicked Simple Rules...

  1. Leave a comment on this blog telling me why you want to go to the show. Facebook comments, while loved and encouraged, won't be counted as entries.
  2. Make your entry before the closing date of Wednesday, November 23. If you don't live near me and you win, I want to make sure you get your passes inthe mail on time.
The winner will be chosen entirely at random based on comment number.

My friend Val (Traveler's mom) and I have needed to take a road trip for a while now, so we'll be there. We haven't picked which day yet — we'll probably wait for the judging programs before deciding. See you in the shopping areas, if not at ringside!


Sassy Lassy said...

This is going to be my first Dog Show, and even though my boyfriend and I will be attending regardless, free tickets would sure be nice!

Sassy Lassy said...

This will be my first dog show! My boyfriend and I will be attending regardless, but free tickets would sure be nice!

Anonymous said...

Providence RI for thiz event iz fun in itzelf. i have had fun zhowing my pei here- took BBE non zporting group and group 3 with my girl. very proud of my horzecoat... looking forward to 2011. vendorz galore and holiday canine zhopping for all. come and check it out!

Robbo said...

I love dogs and am very excited to head to my first dog show! Unfortunately, my apartment building doesn't allow dogs, so I'm unable to adopt one of my own at the moment. However, I'm really thrilled to see all of these breeds on display and ask some questions about which would be the best fit for me in the future when I am able to adopt one, as well as having the chance for a meet-and-greet. Plus, I've always wanted to see the agility demonstration live and in person - watching it on tv just can't do it justice!

Barbara R said...

Yes I want to go! Its right in my backyard!

Jessica Logan said...

Lexie and Bella would like to be in the rescue parade. It would be fun to go to the event.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever pick a winner for these tickets?

blogdog said...

I did. Like everyone else, I was on the road for the holidays. The winner is Barb R. from RI. Barb, your tickets will go out tomorrow morning.

Brett Rodgers said...

We are looking to get our shorthair into these competition. What kind of dog agility equipment do you use?