Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Help Is On the Way?

Even though I haven't yet started posting regularly to this blog, a great deal has been going on behind the scenes. Dinah's UK registration and export pedigree finally arrived, so I was able to ship copies to AKC. I'm now awaiting her AKC registration so I can start entering her in shows. With luck, her ring debut will be on the first weekend of May at the York County show. With even more luck, Seamus and I will have finished his RN before then, so I can concentrate on one dog at a time.

I've also inquired with a local trainer about Show Handling for Dummies. Although she isn't offering group lessons at the moment, she can sneak us in for some private lessons on Fridays. When my work schedule frees up more, I'll take her up on that.

I also sucked up my trepidation and joined the ShowBeardies email list. Don't get me wrong -- some of my dearest friends are show people -- but I'm feeling distinctly out of my element here. Another herding buddy gave me the name of a decent handler if I chicken out.

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