Sunday, March 26, 2006

Official Show Dog 'n' Everything

Dinah's AKC registration arrived yesterday, in spite of Now that the little Princess from Wales is officially a resident alien, it's time to enter her in a couple of local shows.

I've chosen the the first weekend in May for the maiden voyage of the USS Dog Show Newbie. YCKC is my local kennel club, so the folks will be congenial and the site is close by. It's also not a huge show with majors in all breeds, so I won't have to worry about being run into the corners by the ultra-competitive types and the professional handlers. Last year, the weather was so horrible on the weekend of the show that only two Beardies showed up at all, so there weren't any points available to fight over anyway.

I have to steward in the obedience ring that day too, so who knows how that whole adventure will work out? Anyway, we'll have a cheering section. (I'm showing Seamus in Rally at this show on the Saturday, and Dinah makes her breed ring debut on Sunday.)

Tracy at offers private handling lessons on Fridays, so I've signed us up for a couple of Fridays in April. We won't have had extensive experience by the time we hit the ring, but hopefully we'll have enough to make a halfway respectable showing.

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