Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Looking Back Already?

Even though it's technically way past New Year's Eve now, folks continue to look back on the past year. Everywhere you turn, there's another Year in Review -- top news stories, top sleazy celebrity gossip stories... you get the idea. Usually, I just shrug them off -- I'm just not the scrapbooking type -- and then my friend Val (Traveler's mom) started looking back on the fairly amazing year she and husband Pat have had showing Trav. He's done really well for himself -- finished within a year of their starting showing him, got his HIC, and has 8 Best of Breeds to his credit.

It got me to thinking that we haven't done so badly ourselves. For what it's worth, here's a stab at Dinah's Year 2006 in Review:

  • 3 breed points
  • Best Puppy in Show, BCCC National Specialty
  • Puppy Group 2, Mid-Coast KC
  • 1 Best of Breed
  • 5 Best Opposites
  • 4 Best of Winners
  • HIC title

I'd say we did okay for ourselves. We do have work to do when the season starts up again in the spring, though. Looking ahead, I'd like to see us achieve a few things in 2007:

  • Finish Dinah's US champtionship
  • Show her in Canada and make some progress toward her Canadian championship
  • Enter some herding trials and get her HT and maybe her PT

Those plans look simpler on the screen than they probably will be in real life, but it gives us something to aim toward, right?

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