Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Belated Shout-Outs, Belated Everything

Whew! Where did the rest of 2007 go, and why didn't I get anything done?!

Everybody's probably sung this particular song at one time or another, but the end of this past year was probably the quickest one on record. When I was on the early side of my week's vacation at the end of December, the possibilities stretched off into infinity. I could redo every room in the house, finish every knitting project for miles around, catch up on a decade's worth of reading, and save the world -- and all this before dinnertime on Monday.

Ah, the difference between theory and practice. I had great intentions of getting caught up with all of the writing work I planned to do on this blog, and got absolutely none of it done. Nada. Bupkus. Rien du tout.

Before I reach back into the past to finish off our tales of the dog show year, though, I really do need to shout out to a couple of people who have been kind enough to correspond, acknowledge, and/or say really sweet things to me. At the very least, I owe them each a wave and a message of thanks...

First of all, a very late, but no less heartfelt, holler to Barbara Rimoshytus and Rio the Papillon (Brookfield's Slam Dunk). Barb has been a reader of this blog for a while, and we've exchanged some fun emails about rally-o, showing, and suchlike. Barb is getting back into the show ring again after some years away, and Rio is off to a terrific start. He took BOB at his very first show, with a Puppy Group 4 and WD on the second day of the show. We finally met at the Thanksgiving cluster in Springfield, and Rio gave me some very sweet Papillon kisses. I am delighted to report that Rio got his first 4-point major in Springfield that weekend. His breeder has a WABR page up for him at Infodog.com; I don't know if you have to be a subscriber to see it. Congratulations, Barb and Rio!

One person I do wish I'd had a chance to meet -- and will make a point of it if we're both going to Bay Colony next year -- is Monica the Dog Lady, of fame. Monica was the emcee for the Rescue Parade at the Saturday show, and I'm sure she's just as hilariously articulate in person as she is on her Web site, or in her emails. , and I must admit I'm both pleased and blushing. Julie Dennehy introduced us to each other online after the shows and claimed we share a sense of humor -- and she was right.

If you haven't seen Ask Dog Lady, just ask yourself: What would you get if Dear Abby and Miss Manners got together and had a puppy? Yes, she's that witty, and the site is that much fun to read. Go and enjoy!

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