Monday, January 07, 2008

The Illusion of Warmth

We're going through a bit of a January thaw this week. Coupled with the fact that the days are a few minutes longer now than they were at the winter solstice, the almost-relatively-warm weather causes some of us to start daydreaming about spring and flowers in bloom and chirping birds and the Red Sox back at Fenway and... you guessed it... dog shows.

Not that I'm not enjoying the heck out of taking a break. Not showing is an order of magnitude less expensive than showing, which means I have more disposable income for stuff like agility classes and heating oil. I'm happy to be able to go to agility and rally classes on the weekends and be back home before lunchtime. It's just that this little spell of warm weather has me thinking of the year ahead, and what we hope to achieve, and some of the fun we're going to have.

Turns out I'm not the only one. I've been sending snow photos of Dinah to Kathy, whom I think misses the weekend show grind a little bit, too. There's a bit of a wistful tinge to Kathy's notes when she says, "Dinah's such a lovely bitch. I can't wait to show her again." I know Dinah will be overjoyed to see her Auntie Kathy again, probably so much so that we'll have to work to get her to keep all four on the floor for the first show of the year.

All the same, you know you've got it bad when you're sitting in Maine in mid-January, looking out at the snow and daydreaming about the National Specialty in California in October. I can't even believe I did this -- especially after the crappy results we had this past year -- but I even sent an email to Kathy asking if she thought she might like to fly out to Santa Rosa and show the Princess then. I can't believe she sent back an enthusiastic Yes! Likewise, we've already chatted about showing at the Canadian Specialty this coming August (subtitled: Dinah's triumphant return to Gananoque). Oh yes... we've got it bad.

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