Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All in the Family

We're proud to report that Dinah's grandfather Tolly, otherwise known as , won Best of Breed and the Challenge certificate (CC) at the this past week. Tolly is a Champion in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, and the CC is one step toward his UK Championship. Congratulations to Tolly and "great-gramma" Wendy!

The acquitted themselves pretty well at the show. Dinah's half-brother Sweep (Breaksea Masquerade) took 2nd in his class (Undergraduate Dog). Arty (Breaksea Allegro JW ShCM) took 3rd in Limit Dog. Dinah's dad Danny (Breaksea Evolution) took VHC in the same class. (Please don't ask me to explain the English system. I don't understand it even one tiny bit; I just cheer when any of our kinfolks win.)

In the Bitch classes, Dinah's grandmother and Danny's mom, Phoebe (CH Breaksea Imagine) took 2nd in Veteran Bitch, and Katy (CH Breaksea Devil in Disguise at Nellbrook) took VHC in that class. Finally, Dinah's aunt and Danny's sister Ellie (Breaksea Immortality) took 2nd in Limit Bitch. Congratulations to everybody, especially "grandpa" Alan and "grandma" Gill, Dinah's breeders!

If you think Westminster's huge, you really ought to see Crufts -- heck, I really ought to see Crufts! The show spreads out over 7 (!) buildings, and includes competitions and demonstrations of nearly every dog activity on earth in addition to conformation showing. The show is so big that it has its own bank and Post Office, medical center, and lost children's area. Oh, and did I mention the shopping?! Crufts is legendary for the quantity and quality of vendors for nearly every canine-related product on the planet. This year they've even set up multiple blogs and a Twitter feed! (Boy, I wonder if any of my publications would send me on a press junket to blog Crufts!!)

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