Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Okay, I admit it. I used to laugh like crazy at some of the videos shown between group competitions during the TV broadcasts of Westminster, Eukanuba, and other big dog shows. In particular, I'd point and giggle at the videos showing top show dogs jogging on their very own doggie treadmills in order to stay in shape for the show season. "Geez!" I'd exclaim. "What kind of fanatic do you have to be in order to put your dog on the treadmill instead of yourself?!"

Well, after the winter we've had, I'm beginning to come around to the idea. One might think that weekly agility classes would help keep both of us in shape, but that assumes that class hasn't been canceled because of snow. I think we've had more snowstorms than we have had classes this year!

We do own a (human) treadmill, but for reasons I just can't get into, I refuse to use it. Let's just say that exercising over at the town dump -- er, I mean transfer station -- would be a neater and more aesthetically pleasing experience. I even went out and bought a membership at the new gym in the next town, but they aren't even opening their doors until April.

The plain fact is, we're both out of shape. With the dog showing season more or less right around the corner, we have some catching up to do. We can't really run around outside -- Dinah's less than 2 feet high, and we still have 3 feet of snow on the ground (and we used to have 4!). I can put on snowshoes, but I'd lose Dinah in the snow. Walking on the side of the road is dangerous on a good day; the roads are narrow, the snowbanks are still above my head, and the drivers are crazy and inattentive. We'd get wiped out at some corner by the next pickup-truck-load of teenyboppers before you could say "oops."

At least now that we're into Daylight Savings Time, we might be able to get down to the beach during daylight, even on a work day. All we have to do is get there at low tide.

It doesn't so much matter whether I'm in shape for dog showing, but I sure could stand to lose some (more than some) poundage and build up my stamina for agility. Dinah needs to lose a little and to firm up after a winter of limited activity. If we hope to finish the girlie, she needs to be in condition! We don't have room for a Jog-a-Dog in the house, not even if we placed it right next to the other treadmill. Too bad, really -- we could jog together!

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