Monday, March 17, 2008

Almost That Time Again...

Okay, the first entries are done. I've marked the calendars, arranged for a hotel room, and am planning to do the equipment inventory any time now. My friend Val has asked when I'd like to bring Dinah by for another four-step beauty treatment. We may still have three feet of snow on the ground, but when I let the dogs out for their first biology break of the day, I can hear birds singing.

Oh, it's almost that time again. It's almost dog-show season!

Hard to believe that the Princess and I haven't done the weekend grind since last November, when we showed at the Thanksgiving Cluster out in Springfield and came home disappointed. I'd be lying if I said I missed it, and I'd be lying double if I said I didn't.

This season's "shakedown cruise" starts on the 5th and 6th of April, out in Springfield. It's not our favorite venue, but we're going to have to learn to like it since the vast majority of majors are there (what few we have, that is). Since there's a regional specialty in NC on the same dates, all the heavy hitters (and thus most of the entries) will be down there that weekend. Even if we don't get enough competition to make a major, we can still use the practice. Dinah will be so psyched to see Auntie Kathy again!

Would you believe I've already made arrangements for both National Specialties (US and Canadian)? The competition for rooms is so fierce that the hotels often sell out on the first day. I've reserved rooms for both shows and was lucky to get just what I wanted. Although I'm not 100% confident we'll make the US National, at least Kathy and I will both have someplace to sleep if we do go. As soon as the information is available for the Great Lakes club's regional, I'll be calling that hotel, too!

Now all we need are decent entries (and decent weather) for both of BCCME's supported entries this year: at the YCKC show on May 3-4, and at the PVKC show on June 21-22. My steward buddies are keenly aware that my girl is "pointed out," and have been secretly penciling my name in on calendar dates for shows that have low numbers of Beardie entries. I've already been asked to steward at the Vacationland shows. At least their head steward actually asked me first. I will probably be dragooned into stewarding at YCKC, if only because the chief steward doesn't understand the meaning of "no."

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